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Written by a NHS patient
11th August 2023

My son is autistic and needed a spinal op, Dr Rath was amazing with him explaining the procedure and showing him diagrams and going over it many times until my son understood . His bed side manner was astounding too, he was very down to earth not like most consultants. He made time for us and checked on him all through surgery , really easy to talk to, had great sense of humour and put us at ease.Mr Rath did the surgery through key hole and is one of very few consultants able to perform this surgery through key hole. I would definately and highly recommend Dr Rath as a surgeon and also someone who cares very much about his patients. My son was at total ease and is at last so pleased to be out of pain. He is so grateful to Dr Rath for his patience and care he showed him. The level of care we had was astounding . Many thanks

15th August 2023
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

I am really happy for your son. It was a pleasure to know him and to see him doing well following Keyhole spinal surgery. By reducing his post operative pain by using keyhole techniques, we were able to reduce the stress of surgery for him. Great to hear that he is doing well and thank you for your kind words. Wish you and your family all the best for the future. Kind Regards NKR

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