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Written by a private patient
29th March 2022

I was treated for chronic sciatica by Mr Rath. He very expertly diagnosed a cyst on a joint in my back from MRI scans which were missed by other doctor. Following a diagnostic nerve block procedure, Mr Rath operated to remove the cyst 2 weeks ago. I had full faith in his care and skills and awoke from the operation to discover that all the sciatic pain had vanished. I will have the stitches removed tomorrow and have physiotherapy arranged to help bring back full strength in my back. I feel I am making good progress in my recovery and am immensely grateful to have been placed in the care of a consultant with such great expertise and lovely manner. I could have done with an earlier appreciation of the degree of recovery required, but maybe this was a miscommunication between the hospital and consultant, not helped by me having to cancel the first planned operation date due to Covid.

30th March 2022
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

I glad to know that you are recovering well. Please do take the precautions as explained and be guided by physiotherapist. Thank you for your kind words and wish you speedy recovery!!! Kind Regards NKR

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