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Written by a private patient
7th May 2021

I had ACDF surgery performed by Mr Rath in March 2021 and I cannot thank him enough. My neck, shoulder and arm pain was unbearable due to a disc which was compressing the spinal cord but now I am pain free! The surgery was explained in full and Mr Rath took the time to answer my questions and to clarify any concerns from the initial consultation meetings up to and after the operation. The surgery itself was successful and I went home the following day. The care I received at the Nuffield was exceptional. Six weeks later I feel fit and well and have got my life back again after such a long time in chronic pain. I am now allowed to drive and can begin a phased return to work on Monday. I am not having to take any painkillers at all which is a relief after being on so many before the operation. The follow up physio is helping me to regain strength and mobility but all in all I feel almost the way I did before the pain started. I would highly recommend Mr Rath - he is a fantastic surgeon! Thank you once again :-)

9th May 2021
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

Great to know you are doing well! Thank you very much for your kind words. Wish you all the best. Kind Regards NKR

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