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Written by a patient
1st September 2020

I was referred to mr rath earlier this year with a herniated disc, he made sure he described and explained my scans to me . He was very welcoming and gave me time to ask questions etc... he explained my options which were injections or surgery but also told me that with time I could see an improvement. I was booked in for injections but unfortunately they were cancelled due to covid restrictions. I took this time in lock down to rest and give my back chance to heal, I managed to get off pain killers completely. I had a video consultation today with mr rath who was pleased to hear about the improvement. He advised me on exercise and return to work , but also of the chance of recuring pain in 1 out of 10 cases . He was happy to discharge me but eased my concerns by saying my doctor can re refer me back to him if i have issues in the future. I've been very impressed with the service he provided but i hope I remain well , and dont need his help in the future

4th September 2020
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

I am very pleased that you are completely off your medication and made good use of the lock downtime to look after yourself. It is essential that you maintain good health and regular core exercise for the long term outcome of your back. Thank you for your kind words and recommendation. I wish you all the best for the future and it would be a pleasure to assist you in the future if needed. Kind Regards NKR

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