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1st April 2021

I didn't know Dr Bittar prior to my ambulance transfer from the Royal Preston Hospital to Blackpool Victoria Hospital for emergency surgery on an aortic dissection on the 24th of November, 2020. I didn't know it at the time, but it is now very likely that I have Marfan Syndrome. I was assured before the operation by the anaesthetist on shift that I was in very safe hands with Dr Bittar, but I was also completely aware just how high risk the operation ahead of me was, with roughly a mortality rate of 30-40%, and I had the feeling that the Royal Preston Hospital had diagnosed this very late on, to the point I really thought that I was a goner, if I'm completely honest. 3 months on after the surgery, I'm really happy with the progress that has been made, and I'm currently well on my way towards a full recovery, complete with my mechanical parts (mechanical valve + aorta), and for the rest of my life, I'll always be so incredibly grateful to Dr Bittar and his team. I had a follow-up appointment recently with him, and I'll be under his care for annual check-ups permanently now. I'd like to think that I'm done with major surgery now, but if I ever had to have another major operation, I'd absolutely want Dr Bittar doing it. Colin Dodd

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