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Written by a NHS patient
23rd February 2022

Every great team has a great captain and without doubt ward 39 icu at Blackpool Victoria Hospital certainly have one in doctor Bittar, captain fantastic to me. In the middle of July last year I was diagnosed with lung cancer, a consultation with doctor Bittar took place on the 18th of August at which he discussed in great detail his plan of action and he quite happily answered any questions I had, he was very reassuring. The following day the 19th of August doctor Bittar removed the lower lobe of my right lung along with the tumour and some lymph nodes, thanks to the exceptional care of the team I was back home on the 25th of August.Spoke with doctor Bittar this morning and he told me he will keeping on my situation for the next 5 years, what more can I say other than thank you for the life saving surgery.

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