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Written by a patient
16th December 2019

The most recent cardio operation undertaken at Blackpool Victoria was to replace an aortic valve which had been two-leaf since birth, and was in need of changing. The valve was replaced with one made from bovine tissue, and this has three-leaf, a more efficient design which most people are born with. The surgery was undertaken using micro techniques with minimal disturbance to the sternum. Release from hospital took 5 days and no pain killers were required beyond this point. I was also impressed with the process from diagnosis through to recovery, and the team work, even between Blackpool and Preston. In relation to the scale of complexity, and applied skills in undertaking the operation, my improvement wish is of relatively small importance. Appetite and sense of smell took weeks to recover. Helpful steps along the way were Complan and Iron tablets, I made little use of hospital food. I am lucky to live in Lancashire, and we are lucky to have the skills of these NHS people.

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