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Written by a patient
26th January 2021

It all started one night on getting into bed, with losing all feeling and movement in one leg. Apart from treatment for high blood pressure, for a number of years, there were no warning signs: the severe pain came after getting into bed. Both my parents had a history of vascular problems and in the case of my mother, stroke; it was for this reason, that my immediate thought was that I was having a similar problem. However, it was diagnosed that I had undergone an aortic dissection. Mr. Bittar and his team have replaced my aorta and valve and I feel that I have made a very good recovery in the three months since my operation. They and the nursing team at the Lancashire Cardiac Centre have been excellent in treating me as an individual, always finding the time to answer my many questions and giving me reassurance when I needed it. However, I still have pain in my leg; I am due to have a C.T. scan to see if a vascular procedure would help to alleviate this.

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