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Written by a NHS patient
13th April 2022

Professor Bittar and the work of his NHS team richly deserve praise and recognition. It was a shock to be on the operating table on Christmas Eve but I was so pleased with the speedy response from the diagnosis stage to the operating theatre! It was very impressive timing particularly given the pandemic. From my first discussions with Professor Bittar at the hospital, he imbued confidence and I felt I was in ‘safe hands’. There is a ’gravitas’ about his manner which my wife and I truly valued. He has a remarkable skill set and expertise that helps save lives on a daily basis. I am extremely grateful and humbled to be one of his patients. I received excellent care on Ward 39. I am in awe of the work of the Professor and his team and the exceptional treatment I received at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. It is important his exceptional work is celebrated.

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