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Written by a patient
12th October 2020

Three weeks ago I had Rhinoplasty at Queen Anne Medical Centre by Mr Miles Banwell. I searched around a lot and really liked the reviews Mr Banwell had. It was also an added bonus that he offered a free first consultation. It is obviously overwhelming when looking at different surgeons and knowing who is best to go with so was very helpful to meet him and discuss what I wanted before deciding whether or not to choose him as my surgeon. I straight away found Mr Banwell to be very approachable and friendly and he really listened to my concerns. He asked me what I disliked about my nose and he explained exactly how he would correct all 3 of my issues. He made me feel confident that he was able to give me the result that I wanted. Despite this, he was very honest and explained all risks associated with Rhinoplasty surgeries in general but assured me that if we did not reach the result that we both were aiming for then he would be happy to carry out revision work if and when the time came. His secretary was very involved and was available whenever I needed to call or text with any questions. I actually asked to speak to Mr Banwell on the weekend before my surgery and he called me on the Sunday which was the day before. He listened to my concerns and put me at ease and was very helpful. The operation went really well, the care in the hospital was fantastic. This continued after the op as his secretary called me every day to check in on me and Mr Banwell came on the phone himself a few times and assured me that I could call at any time with any issues. Now, post recovery, I am very happy with my results. Although still very swollen, I can see the the shape and the potential and am very excited to see it get better and better each week and month. Overall, couldn’t recommend him enough!

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