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Written by a private patient
9th November 2021

I come across mr banwell after looking at a surgeon my mother had recommended and I am so glad I did! I read review Upon review of mr banwell and I was impressed so I got myself a consultation he listened to what I wanted and told me he could make it happen ! Surgery booked in for 11th September 2021 I had a tummy tuck lipo and breast augmentation and I have never been more happy in my life. He has left me feeling the best version of myself after having a baby confidence was low mr banwell fixed that he done exactly as he told me he would ! Mo was also brilliant on checking on me after my surgery and any problems I had were resolved very quickly. Mr banwell is amazing at what he does and I am grateful everyday he has given me my life and confidence back. I would recommend to everyone and I have recommended him to anyone I talk to!! He’s the best surgeon.

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