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Written by a private patient
28th January 2022

I booked in with Miles Banwell for abdominoplasty, 360 lipo and lipo to the outer thighs. From the first meeting to discuss the procedures, he made me feel so comfortable and was totally honest about what needed to be done to ensure the best results. He has a good sense of humour that puts you at ease which really helps when you can feel a little vulnerable. The operation itself was at the London Clinic and Mr Banwell and his anaesthetist were very kind and put me at ease before the operation. When I came round I had minimal pain and the care from the London Clinic nurses was excellent. I saw Mr Banwell the next morning and he was very thorough in checking how I was feeling and I was able to go home after one nights stay in hospital. After the operation, for the first two weeks, I saw Mr Banwell frequently to check on progress. I completely believe this is why I have healed as well as I have. His aftercare is second to none and he is very honest that he will insist on seeing you so that he can nip any problems with healing in the bud before they start. A special mention also has to go to Mo, his PA, who is always on the other end of the phone and is a delight to talk to. She’s very kind and also really puts you at ease, and has any questions you may have answered as soon as possible. Overall I can honestly say I have had the best care I possibly could have received. From start to finish I have been so impressed and wouldn’t consider anyone else for any other procedures. Mr Banwell has given me a stomach I could only dream of after two c-sections and I am so grateful!

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