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Written by a private patient
12th October 2021

I had a breast augmentation on 27th September. I had wanted a breast augmentation since I was 18 (I am now 28) I used to go back and forth on the idea but wasn't completely ready. I was recommended Mr Banwell by a friend who had the same surgery, her words were "I completely trusted him and knew I was in good hands" I done my research on Mr Banwell, booked a consultation and from start to finish the process with so smooth, I knew I made the right choice as he listened and completely delivered everything I wanted, and I had ALOT of concerns/queries and himself and Mo put me at ease everytime. I had 2 consultations prior to my surgery and 2 post op. I just could not be happier and I am so glad I went with Mr Banwell. Mr Banwell and Mo, his pa, are a great team.

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