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Written by a patient
17th November 2020

I recently had Rhinoplasty at the Harley Street Specialist Hospital by Mr Miles Banwell. Right for the get go, Mr Banwell was extremely friendly, informative and helpful. He listened to my reasons for wanting Rhinoplasty and what I wished to achieve from it and he explained exactly what he could do. He put me at ease straight away and I felt extremely comfortable with him and I knew then I wanted him as my surgeon. He did not at all rush me into any decisions and saw me three times before surgery to go through everything and to make sure that I definitely wanted it. His secretary Mo and also Sarah were extremely helpful and lovely and were always there if I had any concerns. They also phoned me the day after my surgery and a few days that week, just to check up on me and to see how I am doing and if I had any questions. The surgery went well and I was very pleased with the care I received from all the staff at the hospital and Mr Banwell saw me just before and after my surgery and made me feel at ease. Although I am only just over two weeks post surgery, I am already very pleased with the results and excited to see it when it has all healed. Overall I can't recommend Mr Banwell enough!

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