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Written by a patient
8th December 2020

I have recently had a septorhinoplasty procedure at the Harley Street Specialist Hospital by Mr Miles Banwell. I first met Mr Banwell over two years ago for an initial consultaton to undertstand what could be achieved and outlook for a successful outcome based on my specfic requirements. Mr Banwell offered a very consultative approach and listened very carefully to what I was hoping to achieve. At no point did Mr Banwell rush me to make any decision and provided all the information and confidence needed to make the right decision for me. Having spent some time considering if this was the right surgery for me (as recommended by Mr Banwell) I finally decided to move forward and had no hesitation in choosing Mr Banwell to be my surgeon. Mr Banwells open, honest and knowledgable approach builds confidence and is very reassuring through both pre surgery consultation and post surgery care. Mr Banwells secretary is also a credit to his practice as she spent the time to remain in constant contact with me throughout the process offering a caring and personalised approach. I am now just over two weeks post surgery and already delighted with the results and really excited to see the final result over time. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr Banwell!

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