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Written by a patient
24th August 2020

I was thinking for a long time to do Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon and was told for The Holly Private Hospital and Mr.Mo Banwell .I am more than happy that i choose Mr.Mo Banwell for the beautiful breast implants he made for me.He listened to me, discussed with me all options i have-which will be better for me,how will i look and what will be the most appropriate CC of implants for my body.It is the best decision i have ever made .I am extremely happy for the care and understanding i received ever since the first day i walked into The Holly Private Hospital.The result is more than amazing.I don't have words to express how grateful i am and how this helped my confidence as well.Having breasts it’slike a dream come true and they look amazing.I highly recommend Mr.Mo Banwell .Thank you for all your understanding,,support,care and help. Yours, Ivalina

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