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Written by a patient
18th January 2021

I had a Septorhinoplasty surgery performed by Mr Miles Banwell at the Harley Street Specialist Hospital in early January 2021. My surgery went really well, I recovered quickly and, most importantly, and I couldn't be happier with my result! My new nose looks great and so natural. I've known Mr Banwell for over a year before my surgery as my initial consultation took place in late 2019. Mr Banwell explained to me in details what to expect from the procedure and possible outcomes, so I felt well prepared when I finally decided to go for it. Mr Banwell was always happy to answer any of my questions and I had a lot of them, he was very patient and friendly and made me feel at ease every step of the way. When choosing a plastic surgeon it's so important to find someone you can trust completely and that's exactly how I felt about Mr Banwell, I really can't recommend him highly enough. Mr Banwell's excellent team deserve a separate mention as well. Mo (his PA)has been fantastic and so supportive, she called me regularly before and after my surgery to make sure I was doing well and had everything I needed.

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