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Written by a patient
9th October 2020

Mr Mokawem is a very engaging and caring Consultant. He was the first doctor to give me hope for a brighter future where all other doctors had failed. He is very attentive and listened to my problems and symptoms and ordered an number of scans. Once the scan results came back I revisited Mr Mokawem and he went through each scan and told me in layman's terms the results and how he could help me if I had tried all other avenues in reducing my back pain. He came across as a person who genuinely wanted to help me and others like me find a solution to my long term back pain. Once surgery was agreed Mr Mokawem kept me well informed and told me to call him at any time if there was something I wished to discuss with him. Before surgery he discussed in detail each procedure and what to expect post surgery clearly and concisely. Post surgery he came to see me every day and was genuinely happy for me that the operations had been successful in removing sciatic pain completely and reducing my back pain immensely. In my opinion I do not believe Mr Mokawem can improve to give even greater care, the care I received from him was exceptional.

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