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Written by a private patient
5th April 2022

I had my surgery on the 1st of feb 2022 with Mr Mashuk Khan. I had a capsulectomy and replacement implants. After living with capsular contraction and very hard and unnatural looking breasts for 8 years. I could not praise Mr Khans work more, He explained every thing to me before the surgery, i was booked in quickly. I was expecting to be very bruised and sore, however i had no bruising, no soreness and i was absolutely blown away by my results. Two and a half months after surgery, both breasts have dropped into place and feel very natural, i now have a cleavage, which i never had before. I am absolutely over the moon and could not recommend Mr Khan enough to any one who is looking for a skilled, knowledgeable and top of their game surgeon, for either breast augmentation or anything more complicated like i had, his results are 100% perfect. Thank you Lisa

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