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Written by a patient
13th September 2018

I had done lots of research into this procedure and the different providers. I had worn glasses for 30 years with a very high short sighted prescription and astigmatism, so I felt I needed to make sure I had chosen a very experienced surgeon. I cannot fault the level of expertise and care I was shown. I was very nervous on the day but as soon as I saw Mark he was so relaxed and I had a lot of faith in his ability that it put me at ease. The operation was quick, painless, its more the thought of what is happening that bothered me but I just focused on my breathing and before I knew it I was standing up and could see the clock on the wall and read it straightaway! I would never have been able to even see there was a clock before! The aftercare is very good, regular checkups to make sure everything is on track and emergency contact details if there is a problem. After a few weeks of drops my eyes were less dry and my eyesight slowly got sharper. I now able to read perfectly and see distances too, its now nearly 4 months on and I haven't looked back. It was an amazing result and I am now glasses free. Thank you to Mr Wevill and his excellent support team for making it such a smooth journey.

17th September 2018
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

Fantastic! I'm pleased it was painless and it's perfect. Thank you for your great review.

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