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Written by a patient
20th September 2018

I have been partially sighted since birth having what is called a 'lazy' left eye resulting in monocular vision. I was referred to Mark in mid 2017, having being diagnosed with developing cataracts in both eyes by Graham Parks, Ophthalmologist at Specsavers Aberystwyth. The thought of the gradual deteriorating vision in my right good eye caused me worry and concern and I knew this had to be addressed. Also the possibility of surgery going wrong was in the back of my mind as well. I need the best possible treatment and Graham was right, I could not be in better hands. Mark explained everything and put me at ease at our first meeting and then introduced me to the very pleasant and professional Optegra staff that carried out numerous tests on both eyes using Optegra’s ‘state of the art’ diagnostic equipment. This was followed by a further ‘same day’ consultation with Mark who decided to perform the initial cataract surgery on my left eye. Surgery was carried out a few weeks later. The procedure was quick and painless, carried out in a very professional manner by Mark and his team in very modern, pleasant and relaxing surroundings. Before I knew it I was back on the train to Aberystwyth. Mark rang to check up on me whilst I was on the train and gave me his personal mobile number telling me I was to contact him immediately should I have any cause for concern. It was during the postoperative check-up on my left eye that Mark advised the OCT scans on my right, ‘good’ eye indicated that I had Vitreomacular Tension Syndrome, VMT, in that eye. It was possible that carrying out cataract surgery at that time could cause further trauma. VMT is a serious condition that can cause permanent damage to the macular including loss of central vision. Mark consulted with colleagues and advised that we should wait at least six months and monitor the problem on a regular basis. It is known that in around 25 per cent of cases the condition ‘right’s itself’ and surgery would not be necessary. In my case the waiting game paid off. The vitreous detached itself from the macula in a burst of floaters on Easter Friday this year. Mark confirmed this a couple of days later and carried out cataract procedure on my right eye on 8th May this year. Postoperative check-ups confirmed that YAG Laser Capsulotomy would be necessary to improve my vision even further and Mark carried this out early this week with very positive results. My complete procedure took approximately 18months, mainly due to a very worrying and stressful waiting time following the diagnosis of VMT Syndrome in my right eye. During the whole process I felt that support was always available. I could telephone Mark personally should it have been necessary and the Optegra team were always so helpful with their support. I have received the best possible treatment and support from Mark, and I have been fitted with the best ‘state of the art’ IOL’s as recommended by him. I am in my 70’s and can now look forward to the future with 20+ improved vision in my right eye. Knowing that I will not have to face cataract surgery in my advancing years means a lot. Should anything go wrong in the future, Mark and his team at Optegra are only a phone call away. Thank you Mark and your team at Optegra for all you have done.

30th September 2018
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

Thank you for your patience while we waited for the right time to do your surgery and your vision is now 20/20.

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