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Written by a patient
25th May 2020

I had LASEK surgery on both eyes in December 2019. I also had some specific laser eye surgery limitations as part of my job. Mr Wevill has been performing Opthalmic and laser eye surgery since 1996 and has over 20,000 procedures to his name so is clearly a very experienced surgeon. Mr Wevill was professional, courteous and informative throughout. He took any concerns I had into consideration and quickly allayed any apprehensions by explaining them an understandable style. This quickly gained my confidence in his ability. The procedure itself was painless, quick and following the immediate post-operation period, I now have slightly better than 6/6 uncorrected vision which has completely transformed my visual ability. I have also suffered no ill effects. In the words of the Optometrist at the 3 month post-op examination: "I can't even tell you've had any surgery, he's done a great job" There surely can be no higher praise? A special mention must also go to the team of nurses who supported Mr Wevill to perform his work. They were equally as professional and empathetic throughout and receive my highest praise and thanks. In all, I would recommend Mr Wevill in the highest terms as a surgeon and a professional. Thanks to you and the team, best of luck in the future.

28th May 2020
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

Thanks for your kind words & I'll pass on your thanks to the team

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