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Written by a patient
22nd November 2020

I am very grateful to Mark for making the laser eye surgery as pleasent experience as could be! Mark answered all of our questions in the consultations leading up to surgery and put me at ease. On the day of surgery I was quite nervous but Mark and his team were really kind and helped calmed my nerves so that the surgery could go ahead with no issues. The whole process was over in around 15 minutes. Mark checked in with us the same day to check me and my partner, who had also had surgery with Mark that day, were OK which we were. The first few hours after surgery were very painful but definitely worth it for perfect vision. I havent had any issues or problems since surgery and am enjoying the freedom of not having to wear lenses or glasses ever again. I would fully recommend laser eye surgery with Mark especially if you are a bit nervous about the process as Mark is very competent and experience and will put you at ease.

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