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Written by a patient
5th February 2019

63 years ago as a sports mad 11year old I was given the devastating news “you need glasses”. My mother, bless her, within 12 months found the only Optician in Birmingham supplying contact lenses, not the new style, but hard full eye cover ones. So began the life of artificial eye correction with differing improving methods employed, although the grime of the City of London finally put paid to my wearing contacts continually in my fifties. Then the local optician mentioned that a cataract was starting to affect my vision. I did a lot of research, when you are retired you have the time, and finally decided to contact Optegra for an initial consultation. I walked in and immediately felt confident my choice was correct. The whole place exuded professionalism, appointments on time, excellent surroundings, great ambience and very friendly and helpful staff. Having had a myriad of tests on a seemingly endless supply of equipment I met Mr Wevill who told me I was suitable for multi focal lens replacement and went into great detail what the operation entailed, pros and cons. He then listened intently to my own questions, realising I am sure that I was reticent about anyone performing surgery on my eyes. Like all the staff he was professional, friendly and put me full at ease, I decided to go ahead. I had both eyes done, a week apart, and the surgery involved surprised me. Firstly there was no pain and secondly it was so quickly carried out, approximately 15 minutes or 5 great songs playing at the time, I am not sure this was part of the treatment just that we had the same tastes! The follow up aftercare was thorough over the next 3 months and I am now completely free from the incessant weight on my nose, unfortunately 63 years too late to improve my cricketing and footballing abilities! All I can say is the whole experience was worth every penny it cost and more, I am absolutely delighted with the results. Finally what was the most impressive and welcoming part of the whole experience, a phone call I received from Mr Wevill on the evening following the operations. Silly really, but I thought I am not just a client, they actually care.

26th April 2019
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

Wonderful, I'm so pleased you're glasses free and I'm sorry I can't get you back onto the cricket field!

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