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Written by a private patient
2nd April 2022

No Glasses!! I cannot believe I dont have to wear them again and this is all thanks to Mark Wevill and his lovely team at the Westbourne centre. Reaching into my later forties it was getting to be a pain to plan life around contacts and glasses that were getting forever thicker each time I needed new glasses. I was not a good candidate for laser surgery so lens exchange was the only option to me and I have to say after meeting Mark I felt more confident to go for the procedure , I had multifocal lenses and after the first operation Mark rang to make sure I was okay (and I was) , the second eye was done two weeks later with a check up in between and again followed with a phone call in the evening to check I was ok. I was nervous initially but this is natural, I was never in any pain only small amount of uncomfortableness which lasted seconds on my first eye but that was all. Mark is always very calm and jolly ,always smiling and during the procedures for both my eyes he was reassuring. Mark is knowledgeable and very passionate about his work and this shows when your in his care. The staff at the Westbourne centre were warm welcoming and I felt I was looked after right from the first phone call to the staff members who looked after me during and after the procedure I could not recommend Mark and his team enough!

1st May 2022
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

Thank you for your lovely review and I'll pass on your kind words to the team.

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