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Written by a private patient
12th September 2021

I had been putting off getting my vision corrected for several years because it felt like too big a risk and I wasn’t sure which eye surgeon I could trust with the task. Right after the consultation appointment, I was sure that Mark Wevill was someone I could trust. He was clear about the potential outcomes and possible side-effects of the different types of vision correction techniques. He patiently answered all my questions (I had a long list). It put me at ease to know that he was being very honest with the facts and wasn’t trying to influence my decision. I decided to go ahead with LASIK for both eyes. However, during the surgery, Mark noticed that the cornea in my left eye had a dystrophy (which had no symptoms and hence wasn’t picked up in any of the tests before) and so LASIK wasn’t an option for that eye but I could get LASEK instead. When he noticed this, he kept very calm and discussed the LASEK option with me. He also gave me the chance to simply postpone the procedure for my left eye to give me more time to think — so there was never any pressure to go ahead with anything I felt uncomfortable with. I went ahead with LASEK on the same day and he called me later that day to ensure that I was feeling okay. It’s been a month since I got my vision corrected (LASEK in the left eye and LASIK in the right) and I am delighted that my vision is better than it was with glasses. I honestly couldn’t recommend Mark Wevill and his entire team (particularly Korin Hennesy) enough!

9th November 2021
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

Thank you for these many compliments! And I'm pleased you're so happy with the results.

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