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Written by a patient
12th December 2020

My eyesight started to deteriorate at the age of 50, which is pretty common. Reading glasses to start with progressing to vari-focals addressed the issue, but having to wear glasses became the Bain of my life. Constantly misplacing them, having to clean them etc. Nine days after lens replacement surgery to my left eye and two after the right and I cannot believe the results. The first check on my left had me reading the bottom line on the optician’s reader - amazing and I feel like I have a similar result with the right eye. The whole team at Optegra were very reassuring and answered all of my questions, but special praise for Mark Wevill, the surgeon, whose calm, reassuring professionalism took away the worries. Although the short 10-15 minute operation was not an entirely pleasant experience, it was not painful and the results made it so worthwhile. Mark followed up with a call later that evening to check how I was, leaving his direct contact number if I needed him for any problems or issues. So far, so brilliant. Thanks to Mark and the team at Optegra - no more glasses. My wife, who’s also had it done a week prior, has now reduced the type size on her iPhone!!! Enough said.

12th December 2020
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

I'm so pleased for both of you & thanks for the great review

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