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Written by a patient
23rd January 2021

Dual lens exchange - 7 year review I received refractive lens exchange surgery at Optegra Birmingham over seven years ago to correct severe shortsightedness in both eyes (-12.25 and - 9.75). This was followed by laser treatment to fine tune my prescription. It worked! After more than 50 years of inconvenient shortsightedness I now enjoy spectacle free and stable eyesight. I do employ spectacles with light prescription lenses to optimise situations such as driving and computer work but could probably manage without them. At all stages of the process I received excellent care. Organisation and administration was very efficient and consultations with clinical staff were personalised and very professional. My surgeon Mr Mark Wevill, a real gentleman, was very empathetic and patiently talked me through all the issues and options at each stage of the procedure. Couldn't have asked for better care. I'm grateful to all the staff for their care and friendliness and I unreservedly recommend Mark Wevill and his team at Optegra. Vince Russel, Warwickshire

31st January 2021
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

Dear Vince, thank you for your kind words & I'm pleased the treatment has made such a big difference!

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