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Written by a patient
16th December 2020

Having worn glasses since the age of 15 and reached the age of 59 with cataracts in both eyes and such poor sight - both long and short distance - that my optician had told me I was ‘barely legal’ to drive, I was also struggling to read labels on tins at the supermarket or even the speedometer on my dashboard. I couldn’t see my music to play the piano with my glasses on or off and varifocals just made me feel dizzy. On the recommendation of a friend who, like me had had cataracts, short sight and astigmatism, I contacted Optegra and was lucky enough to have Mark as my consultant. From the outset he was positive yet honest as to what could be achieved. He answered all my questions patiently. I liked that he outlined a ‘plan A’ and also a ‘plan B’ - I was happy with both options so went with multi focal lens replacement to correct both long and short sight. The operations were a week apart and I was very well looked after at all times. Mark is calm and reassuring and rang me in the evening to check I was ok. After the first eye I became allergic to the eye drops, which caused some pain and blurring but Mark immediately picked it up, changed the drops and the problem was resolved. I was stunned after the second eye as my vision was perfect straight away. My home optician was amazed at the results - 20/20 vision and a new life! I whole heartedly recommend Optegra and Mark. I have recently returned for a YAG laser top up procedure on both eyes as I had experienced some mild blurring. Again Mark answered all my questions and allayed my fears. The procedure was quick and painless and I was able to drive and resume normal activities the following day. Having my sight back has changed my life - best thing I ever did!

17th December 2020
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

Thanks for your kind words & I'm pleased you're enjoying your new eyes so much. Merry Christmas & a happy New Year to you!

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