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Written by a patient
29th May 2019

What can I say, aside Mark is amazing in so many ways. I was a little cautious about having lens replacement but I was tired of my fading vision making me tired and always being told I was squinting, so I took the plunge. The whole process was professional and informative and all went smoothly. I had already researched the process and had arrived at the decision that Mark was the consultant for me, Mark was incredible from the off, made me feel at ease and I certainly felt confident in his work. The procedure its self is painless, a bit of a weird sensation but nothing to be concerned about. I am now 2 weeks 2 days after the first eye and 1 week 2 days after the 2nd and I am writing this with no glasses!! There is some slight discomfort, not with the feeling but with light sensitivity but was assured at my during my check up this is normal and due to the lens now letting light in and this will ease once I get used to it. All in all for me a huge success.

13th June 2019
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

Thank you & I'm pleased you're don't need your glasses now!

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