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Written by a NHS patient
14th October 2022

What an excellent surgeon Mr Marcus Cope is.He has performed two hip replacements for me,one on each hip.He is very professional and really easy to talk to.He explains everything in great detail and then asks if you have any questions that you would like answering.He puts your mind at ease and really knows his job.I felt very comfortable in his care.I was asked during the discussion about my operation if I would like to be awake and I said that I would.I had an epidural injection and didn't feel anything,but what an interesting experience it was.Mr Cope explained what he was doing at different stages of the procedure and I had all of his team taking great care of me.When the operation was completed Mr Cope showed me my hip joint and explained why it had caused me so much pain and discomfort.....amazing.All in all I can't thank Mr Cope and his team for the excellent treatment and care I received.I have a follow up appointment in six months time which is very reassuring.My thanks to you all.

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