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Written by a patient
21st June 2019

In October 2018, I underwent temporomandibular joint replacements and facial reconstruction caused by a chronic condition that had destroyed my existing joints. I was introduced to Mr Heliotis at the start of my treatment who spoke to me frankly about my options and the implications of any decisions I made. He told me both the advantages and disadvantages of each choice and spoke to me in a language I understood. He gave me the time I needed to consider my options and decide how far I wanted to go to correct my symptoms. Mr Heliotis was professional and patient with further explanation and together with the orthodontic team spent time preparing me for the surgery and ensuring I had the best post operative result. My surgery took approximately nine hours and I was holistically helped in the lead up to the operation with Mr Heliotis and his team visiting every day while an inpatient to supervise my care. With the encouragement of the doctors I was able to return home four days later closely monitored in clinic. I would never say that major surgery is undertaken lightly because there can be complications and while you hope for the best sometimes you have to accept that might not be possible. During this process I feel I have been well informed and received exceptional care. Mr Heliotis has been honest and given me the chance to eat solid food again. There have been times when we have laughed and some when we have not but I have always felt completely safe in his very able and talented hands. I will owe him respect and gratitude for the rest of my life and be forever grateful for his knowledge and expertise. Written by, Rebecca Kyte 17th June 2019

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