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Written by a patient
5th October 2019

I started my treatment with Mr Mamun Rahman in May for cataract surgery. He has a very calm, confident personality and immediately put me at ease. My surgery took place a few weeks later and I can honestly say I did not feel any pain. Mr Rahman chatted throughout. I had no marks at all on my eye the next day. A few weeks later following my surgery I developed fluid which affected my vision. Thankfully Mr Rahman reassured me that this would resolve. He requested a scan for me and prescribed eye drops. He also advised to put the other cataract operation on hold as it could happen again but he would start the drops the day before surgery. He is a very experienced surgeon and I had complete confidence in him. The fluid did resolve and I had my second cataract operation done in August. He personally returned a call I made to Ross Hall with a query regarding my medication and gave me advice about resuming my regular chiropractor appointments. My treatment has now been completed and my optician tells me I have 20/20 vision. I would highly recommend Mr Rahman. I appreciate the support I received from him.

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