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Written by a patient
23rd April 2019

Earlier this year, I had a referral from my GP to see a urologist at Guy's Hospital over a long-standing prostate condition (benign hyperplasia). On the day of my visit, I had, to my good fortune, a consultation with Mr Majed Shabbir, who also carried out a number of relevant tests. In our discussion, I found him to be exceptionally communicative, articulate, helpful and to the point. After a thorough explanation of my condition, he recommended, to my complete agreement, that we go forward with a minor procedure, which, although peripheral to my original medical complaint (prostate) was, nevertheless, highly advisable if not necessary. I was, myself, keen to proceed with this, understanding its urological significance as well as its necessity in the long-term. As matters turned out, I was unable to meet the pre-conditions for going ahead with this surgery. My MRSA swab test came back positive, and, consequently, the procedure was cancelled. The experience of high hopes and expectations followed by disappointment (in not having the surgery) was disheartening, to say the least. But the cause was due to factors entirely outside the intentions of all parties concerned. And, far from all being lost, it's now only a matter of getting an effective course of antibiotic treatment, before re-scheduling the same procedure. I propose to do this through my GP. For a moment on the day of cancellation, I was on the verge of losing the will to proceed altogether. But, it must not go unremarked, it was the conviction with which Mr Shabbir spoke and his sympathetic manner that made all the difference. Courteous and professional, he conveyed an unmistakable sense of knowledge and judgement as someone to be trusted implicitly in his field of expertise -- inspiring confidence that one was in safe, competent hands. And, with great patience and civility, he took the time to go into considerable detail over the importance of pursuing the tack we were on with this treatment. I can honestly say that better quality of medical treatment -- be it publicly or privately funded -- can scarcely ever be hoped for than that to be offered by Mr Shabbir. I will make every effort to to be re-assigned to the same consultant when cleared by my GP for the MRSA. Nicholas Malaos (NHS patient)

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