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Written by a patient
24th March 2020

After a recalled scan at Ashford Hospital in late November I was informed of a large aneurysm (6.3 cms )in the common iliac artery and to contact St. Peters Hospital immediately. My allocation of consultant was Mr Magdy Moawad, a wonderful choice for me and an appointment was scheduled for early December . Mr Moawad gave an in depth analysis of the options for treatment of the aneurysm with his brand of total professionalism ,reassurance ,interlaced with humour .My pre-ops were all carried out the same day . My selection of endovascular surgery was conducted just before Xmas and met with great success and after one day was ready to go home. It was a privilege to have met Mr Moawad even in these circumstances with his unique style of allaying fears and concerns of the patient . He is an outstanding credit to his profession

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