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Mr Kunal Hinduja is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with a primary interest in hand and wrist surgery and trauma. With the intricate procedures and delicate design, Kunal has a specific interest in everything to do with the human hand, specifically wrist surgery and trauma to the hand and wrist. It’s a specialist area that Kunal is not only fascinated with but dedicated to — dedicated to finding the best treatments and the most suitable solutions to help with all hand and wrist conditions. Kunal completed his Masters in Orthopaedic Engineering at Cardiff University, finishing his thesis based on wrist fractures. In particular focusing on the creation of a 2-Dimensional FE model, of distal radial fracture healing, examining the characteristics of the fracture anatomy, and relating them to the function and clinical outcome. Kunal regularly presents his research, thesis work, and practices at both national and international conferences speaking from his own learnings, experience, and teachings. At the cutting edge of new treatments and developments, Kunal’s work continues to be published in leading medical journals on an international scale. Kunal is regularly involved in the training of Registrars and, in addition, is responsible for the organisation of hand surgery teaching for the Registrars in the North West. Currently, Kunal holds an esteemed Honorary Lecturer post at the University of Manchester, for his involvement in medical student teaching, and is the lead clinician for the Hand Surgery Teaching Module in the North West. As a consultant, Kunal is responsible for the departmental teaching of undergraduate medical student teaching. These sessions are extremely popular with students and focus on teaching final year medical students the fundamentals of orthopaedics. Taking this a step further, Kunal also runs revision lectures in Orthopaedics in the run-up to final exams. Kunal also manages a very well established medicolegal practice

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