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Written by a NHS patient
27th January 2023

Mr Vamulapalli is absolutely a star at the top of the game. He genuinely is an expert in his field. He is calm, quiet and patient with a very warm kind manner. He instils great confidence in me to speak with and explains in great detail the issue and the options for resolving it. If he says it, I buy into it immediately, knowing he will be absolutely spot on. I have seen his colleagues react in the same manner and they have said to me, "If he says do the following you would be foolish not to do exactly that because he will be right". They clearly have both great respect for him and display great warmth toward him as he does to others. I have seen many consultants, both medical and professional, in my life and if only they had all been as kind, caring and knowledgeable in their fields as Mr Vemulapalli the world would be a whole lot better place. If anyone should read this and be searching for an orthopaedic surgeon I promise you, are highly unlikely to find anyone else of his calibre, warmth and humanity who will absolutely have you in full focus!