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Written by a patient
25th July 2019

I am a tourist in London right now. Last week, I went into the hospital emergency unit because of kidney stone. The pain came suddenly and was unbearable. Because the stone was not big and I should be able to pass out myself, I was discharged on the same day and went home with lots of pain killers. Then I waited in fear for a week without knowing whether or not the stone has come out or not. I didn’t want to wait passively any longer, so I decided to see a doctor again. This is when I was introduced to Dr. Attar. My friend told me Dr. Attar is the top-notch specialist in this area. Based on my 2 visits to Dr. Attar, I can confidently tell you that he lives up to his reputation and he is simply the best doctor I have ever had or I could have dreamed of. First of all, he is super friendly and approachable. Secondly, he is such a great communicator. He explains to me my situations and options so clearly, succinctly and professionally. I think Dr. Attar would easily make a great professor at a medical school. Thirdly, he is so responsible that he went above and beyond to make sure that I feel comfortable and that I fully understand my situation. He not only showed me the latest CT scan I took during his time but also patiently showed me the first CT scan I took when I was at the emergency unit. Seeing the comparison between the 2 CT scans really helped me to better understand the situation. If I met Dr. Attar earlier in my life, I think I could have been inspired by him to become a doctor myself. He would be such a good teacher. I feel that I learnt a lot from him during my two visits to him about kidney stone. To me, he is not just a doctor who is paid to treat patient, he is like an angel who is really here to look after and take great care of his patient. In the end, Dr. Attar told me the good news that my stone has been passed out and I won’t need any procedures. I was extremely happy. He could have just let me leave his room at that point of time. But instead, he took his time again patiently sharing his knowledge about how to avoid having kidney stone in the future among other valuable advices he gave me. I am sooooo lucky to have Dr. Attar. I wish other people in need will be as lucky as me to have Dr. Attar, that is why I am writing this review, I wish more patients could benefit from Dr. Attar. 我正在伦敦旅行。上周突然右下腹疼痛难忍,马上去看了医院急诊。做了一系列的检查,结果是肾结石。我从来也没得过,完全没有经验。医生说我当天就能出院,因为石头不大,可以自行排出,并给我了很多止痛药。之后我等了一周,也不知道有没有排出,很担心,不想再等了, 所以请朋友帮我介绍泌尿科专家,朋友推荐了Dr Attar, 说是这方面非常棒的专家。 我先后见了Dr Attar两次,基于这两次的见面, 我可以非常负责任地告诉您, 他真的是超级棒的医生,是我遇过的最负责任的, 最棒的医生。 首先,他人非常的友善,完全不会像某些顶级医生自认为自己很了不起很专业就一副拒人千里的不容被质疑的感觉。然后,他非常善于沟通,把生涩的的医疗词语可以用非常清晰易懂的语言讲给我。我觉得他如果不做医生,去医学院做教授,会是一位非常出色的、善于启发学生的教授。他真的非常的负责任。他知道我在急诊时没看过我当时照的CT照片。 所以他不仅给我看了我新照的CT照片,还耐心的花时间给我看我之前照的CT照片,让我亲眼看到对比和变化,让我对自己的情况掌握的更全面。我觉得从他身上学到了很多医学知识。如果我年轻时遇到他,也许我会被他启发到去学医。最后Dr Attar告诉我好结果,我的石头已经排出,无需做手术,我太开心了。此刻他本来可以让我走了,但居然还抽出时间,耐心的提醒我以后要如何注意多饮水以避免再次得肾结石,还给我了其它非常好的建议。他真的不只是一个收了钱给人看病的医生,我觉得他就是个天使。我觉得我很幸运遇到他,我希望其他有需要的病人能像我一样幸运遇到他,所以我写下这篇评语,希望能有更多的朋友受益于Dr. Attar.

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