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Written by a patient
21st August 2018

I was under the care of Mr Gaer for a couple of months this year, starting with an out-patient consultation at Wycombe hospital, when he "rescued" me from the aftermath of a rather chaotic three day stay in Harefield (not under his care then, but during which I had been admitted for surgery only to be sent away to the JR hospital in Oxford at the last minute for assessment of a restricted carotid artery, which apparently could easily and quickly instead have been resolved in-house at Harefield). Not much was happening until Mr Gaer took charge, having me quickly re-admitted to Harefield, where he performed a very successful aortic valve replacement and by-pass operation. Clearly, I am not in a position to comment on his professional surgical skills - other than to praise the end-result in my case - but he inspires great confidence and has the much-needed "human touch". I recommend Mr Gaer absolutely and count myself lucky to have been one of his patients.

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