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Written by a private patient
29th March 2021

Mr Julian Flynn carried out a partial knee replacement on my left leg on 18/12/2020. From the first consultation I had every confidence in him. He explained everything clearly and patiently and came across as experienced, knowledgeable and very competent. I did not have to wait long for the operation and it went very smoothly. Mr Flynn cared for me very well. He is very kind and was near to hand throughout my weekend stay at The Saxon Clinic in Milton Keynes. It was obvious to me that all the staff held him in high regard. The anaesthetist told me he was a very gentle surgeon which was reassuring. During my 2 night stay in hospital my left leg was in a contraption that automatically bent and straightened my leg continuously and any pain was really well controlled. I believe this had a very good impact on my recovery. I was on double crutches for less than a month and my knee has made a remarkable recovery. The swelling quickly subsided and I stopped all daytime painkillers within 2 weeks and just took one at bedtime for another 2 weeks. I was allowed 6 physiotherapy visits in my package but I only needed 2. I’m now back walking my dog for an hour every day and gardening for several hours at a time. I am extremely grateful to Mr Flynn. He is an excellent surgeon with excellent patient care and I have recovered well and quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending him and if my right knee ever needs replacing I will go straight back to him.

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