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Written by a NHS patient
3rd February 2023

Three weeks ago I had a craniotomy to remove a sphenoid orbital brain tumour with Mr.Pollock as the lead neurosurgeon. I was in surgery for an extremely long time and was carefully put under anesthesia with the breathing tube being put in while I was still awake as it was the safest way to proceed. When I came round from my surgery Mr.Pollock said it had been very successful and the whole tumour had been removed. I have had a fairly good recovery so far and didn’t need to stay in hospital that long before I was discharged home with family care. Three weeks on I’m still recovering well and have my follow up appointment with Mr.Pollock next month then I will have more MRIs. I highly recommend Mr.Pollock as a brilliant neurosurgeon and the neurosurgery team at Queens hospital and the recovery nurses and occupational therapists etc, the care was excellent all round.

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