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Written by a private patient
28th September 2022

Septorhinoplasty Went in to have better breathing and more symmetry, by moving the septum to the middle. The result after the first surgery was bad. The septum did not stay where it had been placed and moved. Causing my right nostril to become more narrow, resulting in significantly reduced capacity. Breathing became infinitely worse Revision surgery was needed. The situation took another downturn. The right nostril is about 80% blocked permanently, the surgery intended on creating more space to breathe but resulted in far less space. This is resulting in frequent headaches, giving up certain activities. I am left with a bigger problem than I walked in with. Struggling to come to terms with this. How could a revision surgery result in a worse outcome? Doctor Jonathan Joseph couldn’t provide any meaningful explanation besides that it is an unfortunate outcome. He further tried to state that I had this problem of narrowness on the right side prior to meeting him however the medical notes and history prove otherwise. Quality of life has been impacted severely. I can’t recover between sets in the gym like I used to, I get terrible headaches and feel nauseous and frustrated, my breathing pattern very messed up, lots of resistance in breathing, whistling sounds and deformities. Took my money, and left me a lot worse off. Anxiety, suffocation and fatigue are ravaging me, I haven't smiled much since the operations. On other sites, it doesn’t provide me with an option to leave a review, which begs the question of how many others may have been badly affected. A third surgery is unfortunately needed to try and undo what Mr Joseph had done

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