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Written by a private patient
27th September 2022

I saw Jonathan Joseph for a Septorhinoplasty to improve the appearance of my nose. Jonathan is a warm and pleasant person. However, I would proceed with caution if considering Jonathan as a surgeon for cosmetic rhinoplasty. My cosmetic aims for surgery were to smooth and straighten the bridge, narrow the nostrils, and make the tip more refined and feminine. I was very disappointed with the results as some of these aims were not achieved. While the bridge is now straighter and smoother, the tip is over projected and the cartlige is asymmetrical. The nostrils are also at different levels. On review the surgeon said he could understand my concerns however there was little acknowledgement about how disappointing/upsetting this experience was. The consultation process was vague - and the digital images he produced on the computer promised a much better image than what was achieved in reality. I have regrets around having this procedure with this surgeon. The results have had a negative impact on my day to day life. I feel it is important to share my experience so that others will take great care throughout the consultation process to prevent disappointment should they go through with surgery with Jonathan.

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