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Written by a private patient
2nd August 2022

Septorhinoplasty. Went in to have better breathing and more symmetry, by moving the septum to the middle. The result after the first surgery was horrible. I would wake up in the middle of the night with the feeling of suffocation, this went on for many months, with no improvement. In addition, after the first surgery, my right side became rather narrower. The septum did not stay in the centre and moved, how could this happen? according to Mr Joseph, the method he used failed. Revision surgery was needed... this only made the situation even worse. The nose is visibly thicker and the breathing turned from a minor issue into a full blown disability. I cannot breathe from my right side. This was never an issue before. I am suffering from horrible breathing, I get terrible headaches and become faint at times due to how messed up my breathing is. I feel I should be compensated at least £100,000 for the physical and mental toll this is having on me. I went in with a minor issue and came out with multiple chronic issues. My nose looks bigger and worse, my breathing is just ruined. I have no idea how this can be fixed. Mr Joseph knows very well that as a result of his intervention, my quality of life has been severely impacted. Just sad. I urge people to think very carefully before undergoing surgery with Mr Joseph. Mr Joseph won't hold any responsibility or accountability for the suffering I am undergoing on a daily basis since the revision surgery. He just says this is unfortunate.

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