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Written by a patient
21st November 2019

I experienced meeting Jonathan Borrill in 2015, when my daughter underwent major ACL surgery with him, he was totally amazing with her, she is now back to full sporting health. I learnt from this experience with my daughter that if I ever had to have knee surgery he would be the consultant I would choose, and boy am I glad I did! He has been a tremendous help to me. From our very first appointment he was so respectful and polite to both myself and my husband, he discussed and asked questions about the pain I was getting from both my knees, he allowed me to ask questions myself and gave me the time to get my thoughts across to him without interrupting me or ignoring me. He then gave my knees a thorough examination which led to him sending me for a scan on them both. my second visit with Jonathan was so informative, he brought my scans up on the screens and talked about what he had found, he was able to show me cm by cm the inside of my knees and he explained every detailed piece of his findings which led to me choosing to go ahead with my first knee surgery. Jonathan made sure at all times I understood what he was saying and always asked if I had any concerns about anything, or if I thought of anything once I had left to ring his Secretary and he would get back to me, which he always did. On the day of the surgery Jonathan visited me beforehand and put my mind at ease about anything I was nervous about, he explained timings and what happens when I go to theatre, he discussed my feelings about it, when I said I was unsure what type of Anaethetic to have, he told me about which one has the best recovery process, and which one would be best for me to aid that process. Because I chose the Epidural and sedation, I was able to be awake and alert as soon as the op had finished with no pain whatsoever, I was able to chat to Jonathanl who said all had gone to plan. He visited me a few hours later, after I had my xray and he was really happy. He came to visit me every day I was in hospital to see how I was and chat about my recovery and how I was feeling. Everything about him was so relaxed and happy. At my six week follow up appointment he apologised straight away about a mix up and delay in the waiting room (which actually wasn't his fault) Jonathan was once again very informative , showing me the Xrays and explaining what everything was, he asked me lots of questions about my knee, had I noticed any difference? my reply was yes I can walk again without the pain I used to have and it feels so strong. He had the biggest smile ever! We compared notes about both knees and because of Jonathan I am having no hesitation at all about having my next knee operation in February. I cant thank him enough for what he has done for me, I feel very safe and happy to have him as my knee consultant, he is one top class Man.

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