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Written by a patient
8th May 2019

I recently underwent a breast reduction with Mr Jonathan Adamthwaite at the Nuffield Chester. I am thrilled with my results. He has changed my life not only physically but I have regained my self confidence which had slipped away. Mr Adamthwaite is a very talented surgeon. He has a kind, reassuring and calm manner. He is easy to talk to and I felt very at ease with him. I was very anxious but with his guidance and reassurance I felt in safe hands. I met him three times and had several telephone conversations with him before surgery. He answered all my questions and I was given his mobile number to contact him with any concerns if I needed to. I was truly amazed with his care As it was my second breast reduction I wasn’t expecting the results that I have. Mr Adamthwaite really exceeded my expectations. My scars are very neat. He managed to cover my original ones. My noticeable asymmetry was corrected and he has left me with a very nice shape that I am proud of. Neck, shoulder and back pain have disappeared and my posture has improved no end. All the staff at the Nuffield were lovely and spoke very highly of Mr Adamthwaite. I travelled a considerable distance to see him and once I had met him I knew he was the right surgeon for me. I would thoroughly recommend Mr Adamthwaite to anyone seeking help with their appearance. I would have no hesitation in revisiting him if I needed to.

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