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Written by a patient
13th October 2019

A mum to three children the pregnancies had progressively taken their toll on my body. Although slim and going to the gym five ties a week the appearance did not improve enough to feel confident in a bikini or my clothes. I was looking for the impossible, a treatment that was non invasive to repair skin that had been stretched beyond it's limit. I tried everything before accepting that abdominoplasty was the only solution. I was a nervous patient having never had an operation before, however Johnathan's professional, calm and reassuring manner made me feel confident that this was the procedure for me. Post op I was worried about the pain but the nurses were exemplary and I can honestly say the pain was no where near what I had imagined and was managed well. Jonathan came to see me after the op to see how I was and explained everything had gone very well. Four months on I can honestly say this has been life changing! No longer do I hide away my stomach, I can confidently where a bikini, which by the way I did six weeks post op on holiday. Before this procedure I hated how my stomach looked every day. Now I love it and wised I had plucked up the courage to do this before. I would 100% recommend Johnathan and his procedure techniques.

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