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Written by a patient
16th April 2018

Mr Lim is a fantastic surgeon. I was terrified about an operation I had planned, after the first abscess removal (With another surgeon) resulted in a fistula.. Mine was trans sphicteric, so went through bum muscles, so there was a risk of becoming incontinent. I need not have worried, Mr Lim performed two operations within the space of a month and now the issue has been resolved. I bled out a lot less after these two than I did my first one, so he must have taken a lot more care... and I was back to normal within two weeks. I was kept informed of what was happening at every stage, which is rare these days, and I will be eternally grateful for having someone so skilled, work on me! Thanks Mr Lim, I'm so glad it was you who ended up fixing me :) All the best, Kevin

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