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Written by a private patient
12th May 2022

As soon as I was diagnosed with an infected gallbladder, I began a search online for a Gallbladder surgeon, I read many testimonials, but felt drawn to Mr Kirkby-Bott after reading comments such as ‘Calm and concise manner’, ‘the level of care and professionalism was exceptional’ and ‘He is an extremely professional but obviously caring man with a genuine interest in getting me better! I felt totally safe in his hands, and he was very supportive throughout my journey’. All of the above are true of Mr Kirkby-Bott. From my first consultation to my last follow up appointment, I’ve felt a genuine on Erin for my health and wellbeing. At the first consultation, he cleared up the misinformation I’d been given about gallbladder surgery and pre op and post op eating. If you follow the instructions on his website regarding the Gallbladder pre op and post op, you’ll enjoy the excellent experience that I did. Originally, I was sick and weak from the gallbladder infections, but just 2 days after my surgery I felt the best I had been in just over 2 years. After surgery I had no pain, just a little discomfort and now 2 months later, I have 4 thin scratch lines on my torso as reminders. In time, I can see, they will heal to be virtually invisible. I’m most grateful for his skill as a surgeon, his professionalism as a consultant and his compassion as a human.His kindness, sincere caring and concern made everything better and we’re all a great encouragement in my recovery. Thanks must also go to his support team of colleagues who contributed to what could have been a fearful experience, but was made into a very enjoyable one. I can’t thank you enough for giving me back my health, as that is priceless. Every day of my life will be better because of you. Norma Stephenson - May 2022

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