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Written by a private patient
14th June 2022

Having been offered 4-6 months wait by the NHS for repair of a worsening inguinal hernia; I contacted Mr Kirkby Bott who was able to do it in under two weeks. He recommended local anaesthesia with sedation. The procedure went very smoothly and the anaesthetist Dr Sutherland did a great job also with the sedation. I followed the post op guidance to the letter and at 6 weeks was back to normal. I also had bowel problems pre op which completely disappeared. Pain post op for about 3 days was easily manageable for me with paracetamol. Discomfort, occasional pain and a lot of bruising for 3-4 weeks reducing every day. I still use the hernia pants for higher workloads. I would highly recommend Mr Kirkby Bott and his team.

14th June 2022
Response from Mr James Kirkby-Bott

Thank you for taking the time to review your experience and outcomes from inguinal hernia surgery with Hernia Clinic Hampshire. It was very useful to understand how the hernia pants help, as our use of them is one of the innovations of our local anaesthetic and sedation technique. I am really pleased we were able to help you get back to your normal life sooner and appreciate your feedback. Thank you and all the best.

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